Hello world!

This is my first post at this blog address; but, I’m not new to blogs.  My other blogs reflect my days as a goat breeder, horse owner, dog/cat care-taker, and soap maker. I’ll eventually get their links on this page so you can see what I’ve been doing for the past few years … instead of writing, that is.

This blog supports my writing efforts. For years I’ve wanted to write novels but always felt that was was just outside my reach. I wasn’t good enough. For the longest time I was stuck on ‘what was a plot?’ ‘What made a story line?’ ‘How do I show the reader a character?’

Then one day not too long ago I decided that I could do this. Being a successful novelist is within my reach and I’m going to prove it by writing several novels and send them to publishers. Someone will publish them and market then successfully.

It’s time to not only follow my dream but attack it with full force. It’s time to  stop being insecure about being a novelist. Lacking self-confidence is an evil demon. Evil.

I have just begun imagining the successes I could have had if I’d had enough self-confidence to go pursue my dreams. The phrase ‘better late then never’ has new meaning that I embrace with grace and gusto.

I’m doing that now. I look forward to sharing my successes.

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