Had a Farmer Day

This morning was a draggy morning. I just couldn’t get going much less get organized.

Then the chores started raising their heads. My first chore is to free the chickens then feed them. Since I’m in the front yard I check on the goats, making sure they have water and they’re all OK. Remember, if a goat can stick her head through something, she will and since we have about 15 goats in the front, I need to make sure all the heads are accounted for and everyone is healthy looking — no diarrhea or overgrown hooves. Everyone was OK this morning, their water is still clean, and hoof trimming can wait for another week or two.

Then I go through the house and let the dogs out of their crates so they can run to their yard; I let them run until about noon before it gets too hot. But before I do that, I need to make sure the cats are in the cat rooms (my office and the kitchen) so the dogs can run to the back door without traumatizing the cats. Fortunately everyone knows the routine so I just have to say the right words and everyone runs to their appropriate spots. Thank you Lord.

Garden Helper
Festus is helping me in the garden.

After the indoor critters are cared for I then go to open the back barn then feed the horses. On the way to the back barn (aka the Back Office) I get to let the barn cat out of his cage, he’s still a baby (well, teenager) so he doesn’t have 24/7 run of the barn. Even though Festus is the barn cat he sleeps in his crate in the garage. We brought him into the garage/basement last winter when it was so cold. I like having him in the garage/basement where he’s safe because there’s no telling what kind of nocturnal critters visit the barn throughout the night. I’m not willing to put him in harms way through out the night. Not yet… if ever. That’s still open for debate.

Anyway, after the horses have been fed their morning grain, I then load up the tractor to feed hay to everyone. While I was out I stopped by the garden and collected a few veges that were ready to be brought in. We have fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, okra, and watermelon. On the surface this doesn’t sound like a well-balanced meal but wait until I get through with it. Yummmm … .

Now it’s time for my breakfast and the Dr. Phil show. I just started watching him while I eat breakfast. I like the way he cuts to the chase when he’s talking to folks. Wonder what he would tell me about losing weight. I think I know and don’t think I’d like to hear the words.

Then I check my email and Facebook. I’ve limited email time and FB to about 15 minutes because I’m withdrawing from playing computer. I like the computer when it works but am absolutely annoyed with I have to spend time playing with the operating system, re-doing uploads, and fixing things. Maybe an Apple is in my future. We’ll see.

Hubby just got home. Gotta go make some yummy pepper-filled supper then start tucking in all the critters for the night.

P. Allen Smith commented that he lived on a farm where everything took an effort. We agree with him wholeheartedly but that’s why we moved out here. Having been city-bred born and raised; we’re in better physical shape than we’ve ever been before. If you want to stay in shape … live on a farm.

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