I turn my back for a few minutes and look what happens.

Kenny snacking on chicken feed.

Looks like Kenny is shacking on some chicken food. I put the boys in the chicken yard last night so they could eat the grass down. This way I don’t have to mow the chicken yard. Good grief, that’s what the goats are for.

I forget that they are nibbling on EVERYTHING in the chicken yard.

Clearly they have learned to knock over the can so the lid will come off exposing the corn. Terrific.

Guess I’m going to have to get a larger rock for the top of the can. Or better still, chain the can to the stand.

I love my boys. They’re always loads of fun. But then again,  my definition of fun has changed since we moved out here.

Over all they are so comical; they make me laugh every day.

Stay tuned … .

Published by Carolyn Patricia Allen

I used to breed purebred Nubian dairy goats so I could make goat milk bath and beauty products with their milk. All of our products are made with 100 percent fresh goat milk. When I 'm not making soaps I write about life on the farmstead and care for our other critters. Most of them produce marketable products: chickens, goats, and horses give us fertilizer for our organic garden, chickens give us eggs, but the bees produce the most goods. I bottle their honey, make candles, lip balm, skin creams and lotions with their beeswax. My husband and I recently took a One Stroke painting class with Vicki Galloway so now we can paint the hives and make a few signs for the ranch.

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