Got sucked into playing ‘computer’

Almost the entire morning was spent trying to get a photo uploaded onto Facebook. And I said I wouldn’t do that again; that being spent time — precious time on the computer. But the photo is important to me. So I did it. Now I’m pissed.

Damn passwords. I realize they are a necessary evil but that doesn’t mean I have to like them. Will someone please tell me why every outfit requires it’s own password with its own criteria. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if I could use one password that I could remember. But no. On one site I have to a special character, on another I have to an upper case, on still another I have to have only lower case.

This is complicated enough but like many folks I access my web interests from more than one device and there is no way I can remember a different password for each device for each password. UGH. Passwords are making me crazy.

Enough said. The photo is up so now I can get back to what I started doing this morning at 8:00 a.m.

Published by Carolyn Patricia Allen

I used to breed purebred Nubian dairy goats so I could make goat milk bath and beauty products with their milk. All of our products are made with 100 percent fresh goat milk. When I 'm not making soaps I write about life on the farmstead and care for our other critters. Most of them produce marketable products: chickens, goats, and horses give us fertilizer for our organic garden, chickens give us eggs, but the bees produce the most goods. I bottle their honey, make candles, lip balm, skin creams and lotions with their beeswax. My husband and I recently took a One Stroke painting class with Vicki Galloway so now we can paint the hives and make a few signs for the ranch.

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