Too long between writings

Last week was a busy one and caused me to get off track of my writing. Sorry Self. I’ll work on staying with the writing like I promised my Self.

While the Farmhouse is a perfect setting for writing, we still have oodles of critters to care for. They are so easy and even though I love caring for them, I do still need to sell several goats. It’s hard. Each sale rips away a bit of my heart because I love mingling with the ladies and looking at them because they are so lovely. But I won’t be breeding them so, in every way, keeping them isn’t fair nor good for them. They won’t be the goats they were bred to be without giving milk to loving families.

With that said, I’ll muster the marketing muse soon and release more announcements about goats for sale.

I’m selling only the youngest does of the herd. My boys and the favorite elders are staying. They have served us well and deserve to be retired here; at their home. For most, this is the only place they’ve known. I don’t want to dislodge them in their senior days.

I won’t be breeding because I have plenty of milk for my soaps and lotions. All I gotta do is go make more products. Remember to run when you hear the phrase “all you gotta do.”

This afternoon was spent wrapping soaps that have been drying for several weeks. I got about half way through and will finish wrapping tomorrow or the next day. I had to wrap first so I could make room in the drying area for more soaps. Now that there’s room, I can make more soaps this week.

I’ve been motivated because of the Stanly County Fair four day event. Next year I’ll gear up production earlier so I’ll have enough product to sell at the fair. That should be fun. I’m looking forward to it.

Besides, it’s that time of year when I need to get ready for the upcoming festivals. It’s hard work but it’s fun for all kinds of reasons. Sigh … it’s hard letting go of some things I do around here. Yes, I know I’m focusing on writing but I still enjoy making some soaps and attending festivals. But while I’m gone, I’ll miss writing time and critter time. I’ll think about what I like about the festivals then write about it.

It’s something I know how to do. I have all the equipment. I have a delightful display. I get to talk with my customers and talk about what they like about my products. It would be nice if there were more festivals so I could mingle with my customers; people who really like what I do. I’ve got some customers who have been with me for years and who give my product as gifts to their friends. That’s a wonderful feeling … to know that someone liked what I do well enough to send my handmade products as a gift to a dear friend of theirs.

When I look at soap making that way, it’s surrounded with love. From love of caring for dairy goats, delivering the babies, and milking the mamas, to making the soaps then selling them to customers who benefit from the richness of goat milk who, in turn, give my goat milk soaps and lotions to their friends. Sigh … if running this business were only that easy this thought would be complete.



One thought on “Too long between writings

  1. charltonestatetrust

    ah, goats, that is something I would like to get into one day. I shall be following your blogs. thank-you.

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