Meet Christie — Our Foster Dog

The video shows just how much fun Christie can be. She's wildly curious about cats but has never shown any aggression towards them (we have five that taunt her). Mostly she'd like to get closer to them but the cats will have none of that. The photos below show some of her daily activities.

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Hanging Fly Strips in the Garage — Tips and Tricks

The garage presents a whole new set of surface choices. The best hangers are the overhead garage door brackets. All I have to do is toss a bungee cord across the bracket then hang the strips on the cord. In the world of fly strips, I've run in to different handing necessities. Seldom do I …

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Clever ways to hang fly strips

Living on a ranch has all kinds of benefits. This time of year, we are rich with flies. Not year 'round, thank goodness. But we have our share. For the barns we add thousands of parasitical wasps and keep the barns as clean as possible. That means mucking and hauling poop on a semi-regular basis. …

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There’s Never Enough Time

There's never enough time to be with the ones you love. We've learned to cherish every moment we have with them.Bob and I have been a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) family since 1994. All eight of our adoptees have been 'rescues' with little or nothing known about their history. We're never sure what kind of …

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The Goats Figured Out — I Didn’t

Our critters are a mess -- but in a good way. They make me laugh. They make me cry -- from simply stepping on my toes to tragically dying in my arms. My goats have taught me how tenuous life is; but, they've also taught how to enjoy every day I have with them. Probably as …

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Painted Laundry Room Cabinets

I"m on a roll. After several years of not liking my dark wood cabinets I finally got permission from the hubster to paint them. I just finished painting the laundry room cabinets and am feeling much better. Below are pictures of the before: I say permission from husband because he lives here too and I …

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Painted Upper Kitchen Cabinets

What a journey! Painting cabinets has never been my forte but, if you're like me, you'd learn how to paint what ever you needed to paint to get some relief from the darkness. Dark doors, dark window trim, dark cove molding, dark base boards, and all dark wood cabinets ... dark wood EVERYWHERE. Sounds simple …

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