Christie is Learning Fast

IMG_1044Miss Christie is settling in and making herself at home. She’s a quick study when it comes to our daily routine. She ‘gets in your house” on command (I do toss a cookie in the crate though). She’s the third shift outside in the mornings so she can stay out the longest. Then she eats and quite well, I might add.

Christie nailed ‘sit’ in no time. And she is getting better about rushing doors. That’s a no-no in our house even if it is the kitchen gate or the back door. NO ONE goes near the front door but the humans.

Next we’re working on ‘off’. Love her though we do, her little toe nails are like needles. Actually, Bob calls her Princess Needles, among other things; all loving names I assure you.

I’m on to her chewing. Those baby teeth must be giving her fits because she chews on everything. Because of this we keep as many bones or chew toys (besides me) in the kitchen/dining room/office as we need. Chewing on a bone is much better for her (and me) than her chewing on the dining room table (or me). It’s a good thing we have the distressed look in every room.We’d much rather be a dog family than a formal one. Guess that’s why we choose to live on a ranch/farm.

I do limit her peanut butter bone to one, maybe two, a day. Hey, if I can’t have any more than that, nobody can. (I mean the peanut butter sans the bone.)

She would be perfect for a young family looking for their first dog so they could grow up together. As soon as she spayed and has her shots she’ll be available for adoption. Please check back to this site for updated information and availability.

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