I didn’t collect eggs today

Here’s why.

This little lady can have all the eggs she wants. We LIKE black snakes because they take care of the mice/rats, all for the price of an egg or two ever once in a while. If you look closely, you can see her eyes glowing from the camera flash. Ah … the egg in the next nest was hers too if she wanted it. I left it there.

Last week she and I scared each other. Last week I didn’t look before I stuck my hand in the nest. After running my fingers across her cold coiled body I jumped back as a shock struck through me. Not knowing I could move that fast, I saw her head rise just as I looked down at the nest.


Now and forever more, I will use a flashlight to check the nest BEFORE I stick my hand in it.

This week we were both on the look out for each other. Hey girlfriend, welcome to the ranch.

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