Hanging Fly Strips in the Garage — Tips and Tricks

The garage presents a whole new set of surface choices. The best hangers are the overhead garage door brackets. All I have to do is toss a bungee cord across the bracket then hang the strips on the cord.

GARAGE DOOR BRACKET: Bungee cords are up there with sliced bread as far as inventions go.
THE OTHER GARAGE DOOR BRACKET: Bungee cord comes to the rescue again. This time we had to reach a longer distance so we needed a longer bungee cord.
GARAGE CAT CRATE: Festus sleeps and eats in the garage. Naturally flies are attracted to his litter box and his food bowl. During the day when he’s outside I hang this fly strip in his crate, with the door closed so he won’t get caught in it. ewuuuuu
Here a popsicle stick works perfectly. I slide the fly strip between the crate wires and use a popsicle stick to hold it up.

In the world of fly strips, I’ve run in to different handing necessities. Seldom do I use the thumb tack that comes with the fly strip ribbons. For one reason, I’m usually the one who steps on them and for another reason, they don’t stay where I’ve put them. AND the last thing I want to happen is for one of my animals to have a tack in its foot — not good.

If you have a situation that hasn’t been discussed please feel free to contact me and I will go into research mode and find a way to help you. After all, one day YOU could be the expert in handing fly strips. 🙂

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