Meet Christie — Our Foster Dog

The video shows just how much fun Christie can be. She’s wildly curious about cats but has never shown any aggression towards them (we have five that taunt her). Mostly she’d like to get closer to them but the cats will have none of that.

The photos below show some of her daily activities.

Leave a message in the Comment section if you are interested in adopting this young lady.

Bob’s not strangling her, he’s keeping her from jumping into his face. She’s a love bug and would be perfect for a growing family, especially one with children who can take her for runs/walks every day.
During the day she hangs out in a larger crate so she can play with her nylabone or her ball. Besides, it gives her plenty of wiggle room to chase her tail — what fun to watch. She’ll entertain herself for hours in her crate even though I’m on the dining room table working.
When she isn’t razing the cats or chasing her ball, she usually asleep ON my foot. She’s would be a terrific companion for adults and children alike. There’s not an aggressive bone in her body.

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