My Reading Companion

Many mornings I read on the front porch for a few minutes — if it isn’t too humid, that is.

I like reading on the front porch because it’s peaceful; no cats or dogs to dodge. But it isn’t quiet because it overlooks the chickens and with eight roosters, it’s never quiet. They have so many agendas.

I was minding my own business reading a bit when I heard the window screen make a noise.
Wait a minute! Window screens don’t make noises. I turned around and noticed my companion. Hummm … I’ve never seen her on the porch before. She’s usually in the chicken house raiding a nest.

I decided that I’d read enough for this morning. So I put my book down,  got my camera out, and watched my companion for a several minutes. She was so beautiful.

At first I swiveled around in my chair. Then when I saw my companion, I quietly moved my chair away from the window so I could get a better look at this beautiful lady. As always, we welcome black snakes out here.
photo 4
She was so graceful moving back and forth between the cat tree and the window screen.
photo 3
I’m amazed at how she can hang on a brick wall while moving so gracefully.
photo 2
After several minutes, I decided it was best to leave her alone so she could go about her business.

One thought on “My Reading Companion

  1. I was expecting something soft and cuddly. “Little lady!”
    I’d’ve been done reading. Probably done doing anything but quivering in a corner. lol
    God bless you for loving all God’s creatures.

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