Remission is a Magic Word

After three years of monthly shots, quarterly cat-scans and blood tests that were eventually reduced to semi-annual blood tests, I have heard that magic word — remission.

My oncologist announced at our April 11, 2014 meeting that my cancer is in remission. Although my monthly shots will continue for the rest of my life, I’ll only have to see my doctor annually with no more regularly scheduled cat scans. The semi-annual blood test is to monitor my blood chemistry to make sure my cancer is still in remission.

Other than those changes, I keep doing what I’ve been doing. Which is eating NO processed foods. Eating mainly fresh, alive foods, get plenty of exercise, and maintain my positive attitude.

I still maintain that cancer hates exercise so I’ll continue doing what I can. Mainly that of working out here on the ranch. I’ve gotten back into building my gardens. First I’ll weed my vegetable garden, then finish building the aisles. That way we’ll have those fresh, alive foods to eat.

Then I’ll get back into building my pollinator garden. The more pollinating plants the bees have, the more honey we’ll have. I”m adding a third hive tomorrow. The queen is in the basement awaiting her freshly painted hive. As soon as it’s dry then I’ll split hive B. It’s bursting at the seams.

Hive A has a new nuc in is and seems to be doing well.

I’ll keep you posted on our bee activities through one of my other blogs farmhousemusings.com

In the meantime, if my experiences have helped you in any way, please continue to eat well. Eat as though food is your best medicine.