Different Blogs Talk about Many Subjects

It takes several blogs to cover my interests. Below are the links and brief descriptions:

1. My Fighting Carcinoid Cancer blog (http://fightingcarcinoidcancer.blogspot.com/) is all about being a cancer survivor. Up until March 2011 I had no idea that so many types of cancer impacted so many people in so many ways. Chances are excellent that either you have cancer, someone in your family has cancer, or you know of someone who has cancer. We’re all connected and with so much information available, I write about what works for me and my family in hopes that someone will benefit from my experiences.

2. Nubian Dairy Goats (http://nubiandairygoats.blogspot.com/) exposes my daily life. I have raised purebred Nubian dairy goats since 2003 and throughout the years several folks have asked how I care for them. For them, and for the folks who buy my goats, I write about some of the tips and tricks of how to care for them. For giggles, I write about their busy daily activities and include photos of their antics.

3. The Stanly County Beekeepers Association blog (http://stanlycountybeekeepers.wordpress.com/) is all about our local beekeeping club and it’s activities. We keep honey bees because they’re in trouble across the planet; it’s our way of giving back to Mother Nature. Without honey bees, thousands of plants that we eat will not be pollinated and thus will not grow. Their demise is growing to a serious situation that everyone needs to know about. As a bonus the bees give us bees wax (I make candles, lip balm, and goat milk lotions) and honey (I add honey to my goat milk soaps and bottle honey for sale).

4. As a way of decompressing from a busy day, I write Farmhouse Musings (https://farmhousemusings.com/) where I talk more personally about living in a rural setting; dealing with chickens that lay more eggs than two people can eat, horses who poop in the barn faster than I can clean it up, dogs who poop faster than I can clean it up, cats who poop faster than I can clean it up, bees who … these guys clean up after themselves, and who knows what wildlife but at least I don’t have to clean up after them.

5. My goat milk soap and lotion products are showcased on my Goat Milk Bath and Beauty blog (http://goatmilkbath.blogspot.com). All of my hand made soaps contain goat milk and olive oil because of their health benefits.

In my spare time I’m writing a mystery/suspense novel about a psychopath who wants to totally control an art gallery owner but she has different ideas. Raised on a ranch where her parents provided bucking broncs, bulls, steers and saddle horses to rodeos throughout the west, Rebe has learned to handle herself in just about any situation.

Come join me,

Pat Allen, Owner/Operator
Sleeping Dog Ranch Nubians,
Heaven’s Hill Apiary, and
Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps


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