December 26, 2021

The date says it all. It’s the day after Christmas. The packages have been unwrapped, trimmings thrown away, and the glow of the holiday season is still in the air. But the excitement was yesterday.

Christmas was a magic day though. Quiet. Peaceful. Just the two of us taking care of our critters. Bob fed the horses in the back barn; I fed the chickens and goats in the front barn. That was, after our typical weekend breakfast of french toast with ham and cheese followed by one more cup of tea before starting our day.

But earlier that morning I woke up around 6 something — as usual. Stumbling into the kitchen half asleep, I fixed my first cup of tea, turned on the TV and computer — as usual. Mornings are my favorite time of the day; the family munchkins are still asleep; the house is quiet — not yet humming with the day’s acivities. This quiet, alone time has been my routine for several years. I’m alone with my reading, research, and most of all — my imagination and my curiosity.

I’ve cherished this haven for several years, but it will change dramatically on January 1, 2022.

My beloved husband of 41 years is retiring on December 31st, after working as an architect for more than 57 years. This week he’s on his last paid vacation and he’s loving it. You could say that this week is kind of a prelude to retirement. Though I love him dearly, having him home all the time is going to be a new experience.

Although I am used to him working in his office (aka cat room; another story later). He’s a holler or phone call away, but he’s busy, not paying attention to what I’m doing. Although, he does voice his opinion on things around here from time to time. His opinion is a good thing — from time to time. I’m used to doing things my way, the right way. Without debate over how, when, where, or how much. You know my way, the right way. Sigh …. .

I figure he’ll sleep the first week. Resting. Getting used to not having an alarm waking him every morning as it has for the past 57 years. Hummm … getting use to not having an alarm may take more than a week. We’ll see. Anyway, I have a little more time of doing things my way, the right way. Sigh … .

But then what? How will him being home all the time change the pace and routine? This proves to be interesting. We’ll see how long my way, the right way lasts. Sigh ….

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