About the Farmhouse

This blog is about creating a picture of our lives at the Farmhouse.

I started my first novel in 1984 when we lived in Jacksonville, FL. It is about a little Indian girl named White Feather. I’ve been interested in Native American cultures since my aunt on my daddy’s side married a full-blooded Choctaw. My cousins were mixed blood and I remember thinking as a child how exciting that must have been. All of my cousins were beautiful people. Although their weren’t ten of them I always called them my 10 little Indian cousins. Now, I wish I had had more time with them. Unfortunately life moved us apart and I’ve lost contact with them.

Back to Tulsa. Tulsa sparked a whole new interest, that of getting a graduate degree. Wayyyy back when I earned my bachelors I had planned on getting a masters. But by the time I had walked across the stage, had the degree in my hand, I had changed my mind. I had had enough of school and of being broke.

A degree in Interior Design (ID) afforded a relative good living for me and my son (from my mistake marriage). I worked in different arenas of ID: worked for any number of ID offices (most were struggling small businesses typical to the profession), worked for an apartment developer and traveled across the south setting up their models, became self-employed and worked as a model builder in Ft. Lauderdale, worked as a store planner for Sears in Atlanta, lived and taught ID in Switzerland (skied and traveled throughout Europe), worked as a traveling salesman selling carpet for a manufacturer and traveled across 101 counties in Texas (with this job I saw no prospects of getting married or of even having a relationship because I was on the road all the time).

Yes, I earned a  masters degree. Actually I earned two of them. My MA in Journalism gave me the tools I needed to carry forward whereas my MHA in Human Relations/Organizational Development opened my mind so much so that I know how to learn almost anything I set my mind to. The intensity of getting two masters back-to-back changed my thinking forever. I will forever be indebted to the instructors at the University of Oklahoma who gave me a chance and helped me over the humps; and to beloved husband who is positive and has supported my endeavors wholehearted.

I haven’t finished my book about White Feather … yet; but (there it is again — that but) I still have every page plus two or three other story lines waiting in the wings. But (good grief, again) I write between caring for the farmhouse, our critters, and making goat milk soaps and lotions, and working in our new garden. Developing a garden is fun except for when it’s in the 90s here in North Carolina. The humidity is better here than that in south Florida; it’s not as hot as it was in Texas; but (once again) it’s still hot.

I’ll write when I can, which I plan on being often.


8 thoughts on “About the Farmhouse

  1. First time on your blog, and I’m hooked. As a fellow animal lover and writer, and academic, I am pleased to make your (virtual) acquaintance. Good luck with your writing, too.

    1. Thanks for visiting my site. It’s good to meet other animal lovers as well as fellow writer. I look forward to reading more from your site.

      I agree with you that there is no ‘writers block’, so to speak. All you gotta do is write.

      Happy writing,
      Pat Allen

    1. Thanks for visiting, Gina. I spent some time on your blog, too. I see you’re a critter lover, too. Most of my days are spent caring for our critters. Just this morning I dewormed my front pasture girls and moved them to a different pasture, one with more grass. With all the rain we’ve had here, the grass over-growth. Hopefully they’ll take care of it so I won’t have to mow. THAT’s why we got goats in the first place.

      Enjoy your blog writing. I’ll be looking forward to your updates.

      1. I’m hoping to have a couple of nigerian dwarfs sometime in the future along with a few bantams. For now, I’ve just got a messy plot of land that we’re trying to get cleared. I want to leave a wooded area on the north side. Right now Im devouring books and articles on permaculture and integrating ornamentals with vegetables. Can’t really get started till the rest of the trees on the south side come down. Reading blogs like yours is such an encouragement and inspiration!

      2. You’re adventure sounds like fun. Glad I could help in any way. Enjoy your goats, they are incredible animals and I feel blessed to be living with them. 🙂

  2. I understand how trying to get everything done everyday pushes the writing on the back burner especially if you have a farmhouse to take care of. I worked in the corporate world for decades, but now I’m my own boss and work in my home office writing another story. Published my first book in 2012 with the trilogy hopefully ending this year. Good luck on finishing your book about White Feather. I’m sure it’ll be a good one.

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