Autumn is in the Air

Editors Note
by Pat Allen, EMG

Summer days were long, hot, and dry in Stanly County but when the weather turns cooler, the days become shorter, and the leaves begin to fall, we know that Autumn is in the air. Autumn is a time for nature to begin resting and refreshing herself. Holidays spur memories of long-ago traditions, family, and festivals.

For the second year the Stanly County Extension Master Gardeners have won prizes for our booth at the Stanly County Fair. This year we won First Place and in 2018 Second Place for best booth.

Congratulations to the Fair Committee for all their hard work and extra-ordinary efforts. Historical Society held an Open House and Plant Sale on October 12th. The plant sale was sponsored by EMGs who not only propagated the plants but donated a portion of the proceeds to the Historical Society.

A Gardeners Speaker’s Bureau is in the works. Be sure and read Richard Morton’s article on how to contact a speaker for your gardening organization.

Oakboro STEM school gardening program has grown into a Junior Master Gardeners program.

Richard Morton gives us more details.
Getting to know your Master Gardener introduces Kay Hawkins. Kay has a special interest in historical medicinal plants and enjoys identifying and placing ‘period appropriate’ plants at the Historical Society site.

The Mystery Plant in this issue is a summer/fall favorite. But can you identify it? Wanda Tyner may have found an allusive star this time. What do you think?

The Design Garden planning is in process. Read about its progress and meet Diane Furr who will be overseeing the project.

Anne Houck’s article in Native Plants describes a long time favorite of grandchildren and grandparents alike. Old Man’s Beard, or Grancy Greybeard got its names because of the beard-like flowers. Grancy is another name for Grandfather.

So, you’ve got a Holiday Cactus but can you tell the difference? Cynthia Housel makes identifying them easy for us.

Anne Houck updates on her grapevines and gives us detailed instructions on how to build a Geneva Double Curtain (GDC) trellis.

Enjoy your autumn garden, and remember to save those leaves for your compost pile.