Our Third GSP Arrived on December 26, 2012 and We Never Looked Back

The day after Christmas, 2012, a Thursday, our ‘new guy’ was transported from Georgia. Southeast German Shorthaired Pointer  (SE GSP) Rescue picked him up from a Tennessee county shelter so they knew nothing about his history. Time stood still the first weekend GB came to live with us. He ate well the first night but threw up everything Friday morning. In this surprise gift was … Continue reading Our Third GSP Arrived on December 26, 2012 and We Never Looked Back

Meet Christie — Our Foster Dog

The video shows just how much fun Christie can be. She’s wildly curious about cats but has never shown any aggression towards them (we have five that taunt her). Mostly she’d like to get closer to them but the cats will have none of that. The photos below show some of her daily activities. Leave a message in the Comment section if you are interested … Continue reading Meet Christie — Our Foster Dog

There’s Never Enough Time

There’s never enough time to be with the ones you love. We’ve learned to cherish every moment we have with them. Bob and I have been a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) family since 1994. All eight of our adoptees have been ‘rescues’ with little or nothing known about their history. We’re never sure what kind of personality we’ll be dealing with when we adopt a … Continue reading There’s Never Enough Time

My Son’s Dog is Changing the Rules — MY RULES

I’m mad at my grand-dog. So much so that I’ll be referring to him as my son’s dog. For the past few weeks I’ve put my son’s dog out every morning for a couple of hours so he can enjoy the cool morning air and get some exercise early in the day. Otherwise, he would lay on the bed all day and sleep. My son’s … Continue reading My Son’s Dog is Changing the Rules — MY RULES

Christie is Learning Fast

Miss Christie is settling in and making herself at home. She’s a quick study when it comes to our daily routine. She ‘gets in your house” on command (I do toss a cookie in the crate though). She’s the third shift outside in the mornings so she can stay out the longest. Then she eats and quite well, I might add. Christie nailed ‘sit’ in … Continue reading Christie is Learning Fast

Our GrandDog is Staying With Us for a While

We’ll be keeping our GranDog Cody for a few weeks so our son can make moving arrangements. Cody is a big German Shepard mix and not too many rentals accept dogs his size, even though he’s a sweetheart. In the meantime, I’ve decided to work with Cody on a few things. Right now he’s a wonderful dog; he eats well, is relatively quiet for a … Continue reading Our GrandDog is Staying With Us for a While

Animal Care Responsibilities Begin with LOVE but There’s More, Much More

We will always have four dogs because we have room for them. All the dogs are crate trained and sleep in our bedroom with us. So when we lose a beloved pet, that empty crate rings the loudest. Loss of a loved one never gets easy but after grieving through several deaths, we’ve realized that the sooner we bring in a new friend, the better … Continue reading Animal Care Responsibilities Begin with LOVE but There’s More, Much More

It’s Been Too Long

Too long for writing, too long for creative writing, too long for working on my book. But it’s been a good long-time and we haven’t been idle. Oh no. Our year-long weekend began December 26th when we got our new rescue German shorthaired pointer (GSP), GB an adorable 10-year old. That was on a Thursday afternoon. He ate that night then threw everything up Friday … Continue reading It’s Been Too Long

Managing a Ranch

That’s another issue I have. Being an only child, I don’t like being alone. I didn’t like it when growing up and I don’t like it now. Guess that’s why we have so many animals. I’m never alone anymore; not in the house, the front yard, nor the back yard. Actually my yards are pastures with goats and chickens living in the front pasture; cats … Continue reading Managing a Ranch

It’s Been Busy Over Here

So once again my writing has taken the back seat. Sigh … … … . What’s a girl gonna do when she and her family celebrate her 69th birthday, our 32 anniversary, husband’s vacation (to avoid the madness of the DNC), and subsequent return to the grind. But Bob and I did have 9 days of absolute bliss here at the farmhouse. Bob enjoys ‘projecting’ around … Continue reading It’s Been Busy Over Here