The YMCA Then and Now — A Tradition of Caring

Husband Bob and I went to the YMCA Sunday for our first workout together. Since the LiveSTRONG at the Y program offered us a trial full-family membership, we’re taking this opportunity to introduce Bob to the weight room. After spending most of his life in a drafting room (aka CAD room for you new-time drafters) it’s aboutContinue reading “The YMCA Then and Now — A Tradition of Caring”

Managing a Ranch

That’s another issue I have. Being an only child, I don’t like being alone. I didn’t like it when growing up and I don’t like it now. Guess that’s why we have so many animals. I’m never alone anymore; not in the house, the front yard, nor the back yard. Actually my yards are pasturesContinue reading “Managing a Ranch”

To the white line and beyond

For the past four mornings I’ve walked to the white line; a long overdue goal. Walking a mile a day is when I breathe the air that moves the birds, walk among other legged creatures like frogs and turtles, and share Mother Earth with my beloved plants and trees — pollen and all. With my heart pumping a new foundContinue reading “To the white line and beyond”

Richer lives because of dogs

We recently adopted another German shorthaired pointer to our home. I say another because GSPs have been in our home and hearts since 1995 when we got our first, Liebchen, which is German for sweetheart. She was such an incredible creature we got her a friend and named her Genie, which is German for genius.Continue reading “Richer lives because of dogs”