The YMCA Then and Now — A Tradition of Caring

Husband Bob and I went to the YMCA Sunday for our first workout together. Since the LiveSTRONG at the Y program offered us a trial full-family membership, we're taking this opportunity to introduce Bob to the weight room. After spending most of his life in a drafting room (aka CAD room for you new-time drafters) it's about …

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Managing a Ranch

That's another issue I have. Being an only child, I don't like being alone. I didn't like it when growing up and I don't like it now. Guess that's why we have so many animals. I'm never alone anymore; not in the house, the front yard, nor the back yard. Actually my yards are pastures …

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To the white line and beyond

For the past four mornings I've walked to the white line; a long overdue goal. Walking a mile a day is when I breathe the air that moves the birds, walk among other legged creatures like frogs and turtles, and share Mother Earth with my beloved plants and trees -- pollen and all. With my heart pumping a new found …

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