Didn’t Celebrate Mother’s Day At My House

We celebrated Mother’s Weekend instead. It all started innocently enough. My husband and I were enjoying our morning tea on the back deck when I asked him what he had planned for me on Mother’s Day. He sat stone quiet as his face turned ghost white. Sensing that he hadn’t planned anything, I sat quietly,Continue reading “Didn’t Celebrate Mother’s Day At My House”

Our Third GSP Arrived on December 26, 2012 and We Never Looked Back

The day after Christmas, 2012, a Thursday, our ‘new guy’ was transported from Georgia. Southeast German Shorthaired Pointer  (SE GSP) Rescue picked him up from a Tennessee county shelter so they knew nothing about his history. Time stood still the first weekend GB came to live with us. He ate well the first night butContinue reading “Our Third GSP Arrived on December 26, 2012 and We Never Looked Back”

The YMCA Then and Now — A Tradition of Caring

Husband Bob and I went to the YMCA Sunday for our first workout together. Since the LiveSTRONG at the Y program offered us a trial full-family membership, we’re taking this opportunity to introduce Bob to the weight room. After spending most of his life in a drafting room (aka CAD room for you new-time drafters) it’s aboutContinue reading “The YMCA Then and Now — A Tradition of Caring”

It’s Been Busy Over Here

So once again my writing has taken the back seat. Sigh … … … . What’s a girl gonna do when she and her family celebrate her 69th birthday, our 32 anniversary, husband’s vacation (to avoid the madness of the DNC), and subsequent return to the grind. But Bob and I did have 9 days ofContinue reading “It’s Been Busy Over Here”