Our Third GSP Arrived on December 26, 2012 and We Never Looked Back

The day after Christmas, 2012, a Thursday, our ‘new guy’ was transported from Georgia. Southeast German Shorthaired Pointer  (SE GSP) Rescue picked him up from a Tennessee county shelter so they knew nothing about his history. Time stood still the first weekend GB came to live with us. He ate well the first night but threw up everything Friday morning. In this surprise gift was … Continue reading Our Third GSP Arrived on December 26, 2012 and We Never Looked Back

Meet Christie — Our Foster Dog

The video shows just how much fun Christie can be. She’s wildly curious about cats but has never shown any aggression towards them (we have five that taunt her). Mostly she’d like to get closer to them but the cats will have none of that. The photos below show some of her daily activities. Leave a message in the Comment section if you are interested … Continue reading Meet Christie — Our Foster Dog

Christie is Learning Fast

Miss Christie is settling in and making herself at home. She’s a quick study when it comes to our daily routine. She ‘gets in your house” on command (I do toss a cookie in the crate though). She’s the third shift outside in the mornings so she can stay out the longest. Then she eats and quite well, I might add. Christie nailed ‘sit’ in … Continue reading Christie is Learning Fast