Different Blogs Talk about Many Subjects

It takes several blogs to cover my interests. Below are the links and brief descriptions: 1. My Fighting Carcinoid Cancer blog (http://fightingcarcinoidcancer.blogspot.com/) is all about being a cancer survivor. Up until March 2011 I had no idea that so many types of cancer impacted so many people in so many ways. Chances are excellent that either you have cancer, someone in your family has cancer, … Continue reading Different Blogs Talk about Many Subjects

The Goats Figured Out — I Didn’t

Our critters are a mess — but in a good way. They make me laugh. They make me cry — from simply stepping on my toes to tragically dying in my arms. My goats have taught me how tenuous life is; but, they’ve also taught how to enjoy every day I have with them. Probably as many goats have died in my arms as there are … Continue reading The Goats Figured Out — I Didn’t

Managing a Ranch

That’s another issue I have. Being an only child, I don’t like being alone. I didn’t like it when growing up and I don’t like it now. Guess that’s why we have so many animals. I’m never alone anymore; not in the house, the front yard, nor the back yard. Actually my yards are pastures with goats and chickens living in the front pasture; cats … Continue reading Managing a Ranch

So much for keeping my promise to myself

I try to write every morning but I keep getting in my way. I say that because often I don’t know what to write, nor do I how to go about what I’m thinking. Daily chores conflict with my writing time. But then again, anything could fill that bill. If I let it, that is. But why is writing such a challenge? Is it because … Continue reading So much for keeping my promise to myself

What am I doing with my new found time?

Getting caught up. When you live on a ranch with critters there are few slack times. For instance, I just got in from feeding everyone hay when I noticed that my favorite male goat, Lester, wasn’t eating. That is sooooo not normal for him. I knew immediately that something was not right. Upon closer inspection I noticed how pale his eye membranes were. THAT’s not … Continue reading What am I doing with my new found time?

Had a Farmer Day

This morning was a draggy morning. I just couldn’t get going much less get organized. Then the chores started raising their heads. My first chore is to free the chickens then feed them. Since I’m in the front yard I check on the goats, making sure they have water and they’re all OK. Remember, if a goat can stick her head through something, she will … Continue reading Had a Farmer Day