Painted Laundry Room Cabinets

I”m on a roll. After several years of not liking my dark wood cabinets I finally got permission from the hubster to paint them. I just finished painting the laundry room cabinets and am feeling much better. Below are pictures of the before: I say permission from husband because he lives here too and IContinue reading “Painted Laundry Room Cabinets”

Painted Upper Kitchen Cabinets

What a journey! Painting cabinets has never been my forte but, if you’re like me, you’d learn how to paint what ever you needed to paint to get some relief from the darkness. Dark doors, dark window trim, dark cove molding, dark base boards, and all dark wood cabinets … dark wood EVERYWHERE. Sounds simpleContinue reading “Painted Upper Kitchen Cabinets”

Leaving the 1980’s Dark Living Room Panelling Behind – Pathouie

After living with terribly ugly 1980’s dark yucky paneling that poorly mimics planks for twelve years, we’re finally painting our living room. Why anyone would have selected this pitiful paneling in the first place, I’ll never know. It just doesn’t fit the room. Halve of our living room is vaulted to about fourteen feet highContinue reading “Leaving the 1980’s Dark Living Room Panelling Behind – Pathouie”