Different Blogs Talk about Many Subjects

It takes several blogs to cover my interests. Below are the links and brief descriptions: 1. My Fighting Carcinoid Cancer blog (http://fightingcarcinoidcancer.blogspot.com/) is all about being a cancer survivor. Up until March 2011 I had no idea that so many types of cancer impacted so many people in so many ways. Chances are excellent thatContinue reading “Different Blogs Talk about Many Subjects”

My Reading Companion

Many mornings I read on the front porch for a few minutes — if it isn’t too humid, that is. I like reading on the front porch because it’s peaceful; no cats or dogs to dodge. But it isn’t quiet because it overlooks the chickens and with eight roosters, it’s never quiet. They have soContinue reading “My Reading Companion”

Hanging Fly Strips in the Garage — Tips and Tricks

The garage presents a whole new set of surface choices. The best hangers are the overhead garage door brackets. All I have to do is toss a bungee cord across the bracket then hang the strips on the cord. In the world of fly strips, I’ve run in to different handing necessities. Seldom do IContinue reading “Hanging Fly Strips in the Garage — Tips and Tricks”

Clever ways to hang fly strips

Living on a ranch has all kinds of benefits. This time of year, we are rich with flies. Not year ’round, thank goodness. But we have our share. For the barns we add thousands of parasitical wasps and keep the barns as clean as possible. That means mucking and hauling poop on a semi-regular basis.Continue reading “Clever ways to hang fly strips”

The Goats Figured Out — I Didn’t

Our critters are a mess — but in a good way. They make me laugh. They make me cry — from simply stepping on my toes to tragically dying in my arms. My goats have taught me how tenuous life is; but, they’ve also taught how to enjoy every day I have with them. Probably asContinue reading “The Goats Figured Out — I Didn’t”

Animal Care Responsibilities Begin with LOVE but There’s More, Much More

We will always have four dogs because we have room for them. All the dogs are crate trained and sleep in our bedroom with us. So when we lose a beloved pet, that empty crate rings the loudest. Loss of a loved one never gets easy but after grieving through several deaths, we’ve realized thatContinue reading “Animal Care Responsibilities Begin with LOVE but There’s More, Much More”