Projects for 2020: Replace Non-indigenous Plants with Native Plants

Originally posted on Heaven's Hill Honey:
The new year brings new interests — again. This year Bob and I will be redesigning our landscape — again. We’re removing ALL non-indigenous plants then planting ONLY native plants. This was not an easy decision. After all, we’ve lived here nineteen years and these plants have been…

Today’s My Birthday … May There Be Many, Many More

Not sure what I’ll be doing today but whatever it is, I’ll do it without guilt. Don’t you think that all birthdays should be guilt-free zones where we indulge ourselves any way we choose without feeling guilty about it, or without feeling as though we wasted any time. We should give ourselves the gift ofContinue reading “Today’s My Birthday … May There Be Many, Many More”

Had a Heat Stroke When Working with My Bees

Please bee careful with working with your bees. As we beeks know, our bee suits are hot on a cool day. But when the temperatures are in the 90s with the humidity in the 80 percentile, those bee suits can be deadly. Monday morning, August 18th, I was working with my four hives who hadn’tContinue reading “Had a Heat Stroke When Working with My Bees”

CVS Sold Wrong Medicine Dosage for Over a Year — Now What???

This is a chronicle of my Facebook posts about my issue with CVS selling me the wrong dosage on one of my meds for over a year. July 17, 2014 HEADS UP I just found out that CVS in Locust has been selling me the wrong dosage of one of my meds for OVER AContinue reading “CVS Sold Wrong Medicine Dosage for Over a Year — Now What???”

Didn’t Celebrate Mother’s Day At My House

We celebrated Mother’s Weekend instead. It all started innocently enough. My husband and I were enjoying our morning tea on the back deck when I asked him what he had planned for me on Mother’s Day. He sat stone quiet as his face turned ghost white. Sensing that he hadn’t planned anything, I sat quietly,Continue reading “Didn’t Celebrate Mother’s Day At My House”

Different Blogs Talk about Many Subjects

It takes several blogs to cover my interests. Below are the links and brief descriptions: 1. My Fighting Carcinoid Cancer blog ( is all about being a cancer survivor. Up until March 2011 I had no idea that so many types of cancer impacted so many people in so many ways. Chances are excellent thatContinue reading “Different Blogs Talk about Many Subjects”

Our Third GSP Arrived on December 26, 2012 and We Never Looked Back

The day after Christmas, 2012, a Thursday, our ‘new guy’ was transported from Georgia. Southeast German Shorthaired Pointer  (SE GSP) Rescue picked him up from a Tennessee county shelter so they knew nothing about his history. Time stood still the first weekend GB came to live with us. He ate well the first night butContinue reading “Our Third GSP Arrived on December 26, 2012 and We Never Looked Back”

Learning from the Masters

For years I’ve read texts on how to write a novel. Many came from Writers Digest selections on how to do everything from plotting to character development to pace to … you name the topic, I’ve probably got a book on how to do it. By reading these how-to texts I learned how to writeContinue reading “Learning from the Masters”

Animal Care Responsibilities Begin with LOVE but There’s More, Much More

We will always have four dogs because we have room for them. All the dogs are crate trained and sleep in our bedroom with us. So when we lose a beloved pet, that empty crate rings the loudest. Loss of a loved one never gets easy but after grieving through several deaths, we’ve realized thatContinue reading “Animal Care Responsibilities Begin with LOVE but There’s More, Much More”