November 4, 2011


Got a good report from my oncologist yesterday

My Stage Four affected liver (can’t live without a liver) lesions are stable and all the blood test ‘numbers’ are in the right place. We stay with the monthly Octreotide shots and MAY be able to reduce some tests from every 3 months to something less frequent. 
Since there is no cure for carcinoid tumor cancer, this is REALLY good news. Be aware of the symptoms of neuroendocrine tumor cancer or NETS.The S is for syndrome. I don’t have that. Thankfully. I have enough to deal with.
I also lost a few pounds — due to my eating habits not due to the cancer. The main changes are NO processed foods, loads of fresh foods, high protein, and eating foods that fight all cancers. 
My gurus are Andew Wiel with his food as medicine approach, Dr. Oz, of course for his ‘stay informed’ approach, and Deepak Chopra for his meditative approach. Eating food and staying informed are much easier than meditating. I just cane seem to make the time to meditate. Shame on me. But this is my busy season so I’m focusing on making goat milk soaps for the upcoming festivals. Yes, I know meditation is good for me. I’ll work on finding time.