September 12, 2011


Altered eating habits this weekend …

… and uhhh can we tell a difference. Husband and I have been eating simply prepared foods: fresh veges, grilled or baked chicken or fish, and ton of salads and juices, and feeling great. I’m lucky that the husband is supportive and willing to eat salads.

But this weekend I needed a kitchen quickie so I bought some KFC. A BIG bucket. We pigged out Friday night on fried chicken, cole slaw and beans. Delicious that night.

The next morning we paid for this indulgence. Bob and I both felt bloated, fat, and full for hours. We didn’t care and had more chicken for lunch. What a treat.

Again, that night we paid the price. We could feel the grease in our systems sloshing around.

Soooooo, last night we finally got back on track and had whole wheat penne, grilled chicken dish with tons of tomato sauces. It is so easy to make our own spaghetti sauce we just can bring ourselves to buy prepared sauce any more.

Sometime I need a kitchen quickie but next time I won’t buy as much. My eyes are still bigger than my stomach. Yes, I’m working on this.