Different Blogs Talk about Many Subjects

It takes several blogs to cover my interests. Below are the links and brief descriptions: 1. My Fighting Carcinoid Cancer blog (http://fightingcarcinoidcancer.blogspot.com/) is all about being a cancer survivor. Up until March 2011 I had no idea that so many types of cancer impacted so many people in so many ways. Chances are excellent thatContinue reading “Different Blogs Talk about Many Subjects”

The Goats Figured Out — I Didn’t

Our critters are a mess — but in a good way. They make me laugh. They make me cry — from simply stepping on my toes to tragically dying in my arms. My goats have taught me how tenuous life is; but, they’ve also taught how to enjoy every day I have with them. Probably asContinue reading “The Goats Figured Out — I Didn’t”

I turn my back for a few minutes and look what happens.

Looks like Kenny is shacking on some chicken food. I put the boys in the chicken yard last night so they could eat the grass down. This way I don’t have to mow the chicken yard. Good grief, that’s what the goats are for. I forget that they are nibbling on EVERYTHING in the chickenContinue reading “I turn my back for a few minutes and look what happens.”