I didn’t collect eggs today

Here’s why. Last week she and I scared each other. Last week I didn’t look before I stuck my hand in the nest. After running my fingers across her cold coiled body I jumped back as a shock struck through me. Not knowing I could move that fast, I saw her head rise just asContinue reading “I didn’t collect eggs today”

Managing a Ranch

That’s another issue I have. Being an only child, I don’t like being alone. I didn’t like it when growing up and I don’t like it now. Guess that’s why we have so many animals. I’m never alone anymore; not in the house, the front yard, nor the back yard. Actually my yards are pasturesContinue reading “Managing a Ranch”

Had a Farmer Day

This morning was a draggy morning. I just couldn’t get going much less get organized. Then the chores started raising their heads. My first chore is to free the chickens then feed them. Since I’m in the front yard I check on the goats, making sure they have water and they’re all OK. Remember, ifContinue reading “Had a Farmer Day”