Clever ways to hang fly strips

Living on a ranch has all kinds of benefits. This time of year, we are rich with flies. Not year ’round, thank goodness. But we have our share. For the barns we add thousands of parasitical wasps and keep the barns as clean as possible. That means mucking and hauling poop on a semi-regular basis.

But we can’t add those wasps in the house. Well, we choose not to, anyway. So for the house, we’ve had to be a bit creative because of the different surfaces available to us.

The fly strips can’t be hung them where any body (cats, dogs, or humans) will get caught in them. I’ve run in to them before and once you’ve been wrapped in a fly strip, your life will never be the same. Trust me on this and please don’t wrap your self in a fly strip.

The following five strips are in the kitchen doorway and above the sink, dining room, laundry room, and my office.


KITCHEN DOORWAY: Decorative brackets add a bit of flair to the fly strip. This one is at the doorway between my office and the kitchen. It stays there year-round — for the ever-present yet occasional straggles.
KITCHEN ABOVE SINK: Ye ole cup hook suffices most of the time. Above the kitchen sink is a perfect location this time.
DINING ROOM:DINING ROOM: A larger clip works for the dining room fly strip — don’t want it falling on the dining room table. Ughhhh
MY OFFICE:Paper clips are up there with bungee cords and sliced bread, too. Here I’ve shaped it to fit the fan pull cord on the office ceiling fan.

Aren’t you glad you’re not an expert in this field? I’m sorry to say that I have any knowledge in this at all … but you do what you gotta do.

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